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Have You Ever Tried To Make Plasticine Or Clay Figures?

Have You Ever Tried To Make Plasticine Or Clay Figures?

Hi!!! I'm quite new here and maybe this is a bit of a random question but I've SMA 2 and recently I've been interested in making clay/plasticine figures and I'd like to know if there is anyone who has already tried to do something like that and if so, how was they experienced
Is the clay too hard to knead? Or maybe is there any type of dough softer?

A mySMAteam Member said:

Yes! I usually use crayons air dry clay. I’ve found it to be the easiest to use and can still be painted over. It also doesn’t need to be baked so I don’t need help to use it!

posted 26 days ago
A mySMAteam Member said:

Great, I'm going to try it! Thank u!

I also hear that polymer clay is soft, have u tried it?

posted 13 days ago
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