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Dating Delema
A mySMAteam Member asked a question 💭

How do you handle telling someone that you can't take them to where they want to go on a date because the place they want to go is not really wheelchair accessible..even though the website says it is?

So, the lovely person I have been dating really wants me to take her out to a Halloween theme park for her birthday. Asside from the billion of complications of trying to arrange a ride there, pick her up, arrange for my attendant to put me to bed at night and the steep cost of tickets more than… read more

posted October 21 (edited)
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A mySMAteam Member

I would ask someone to help me. Just tell you really care about that person.🌹

posted October 26
A mySMAteam Member

Maybe you can check the place out or get someone do it for you to make sure that it’s accessible first. Or plan a nice date at a place you know is accessible. Once you build a relationship, she will be willing to go where you are able to go together.

posted November 8
A mySMAteam Member

Well...I suggested dinner and movie. I was nervous enough about the date without adding in uncertainties as i was already imposing on my elderly father to drive us. I dont like him driving much during the day...a busy Halloween park that i probably couldnt get around on the other side of the state at night just seemed like a really bad idea.

posted November 1
A mySMAteam Member

A third option might be that you suggest somewhere to go.

posted October 31
A mySMAteam Member

You have two options. One: tell her to go check the place out first before going. Two: go anyway and let her find out what you can do and not do.

It is really better for her (and you) to discovered if she can handle the difficulties your condition can now present and will present in the future. I know this sounds harsh, but the future can be a lot harsher.

posted October 31

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