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What Tips Would You Share To Help With Seasonal Allergies?

A mySMAteam Member asked a question 💭
posted April 22
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A mySMAteam Member

The best thing I know for seasonal allergies is Claritin

posted April 23
A mySMAteam Member

I cannot take allergy medicine because I have ADPKD, type II, renal failure stage 4. I have to be very careful about any additional medications that I take. I also have year round allergies, my allergy testing showed that I am allergic to everything indigenous to the State I live in: all grasses, trees, weeds. I am also allergic to indoor allergies: dust, mold, mites, etc. Since 2020 I have had Covid twice even with vaccinations. I had Mono in 1979, it took me 18 months to recover. My blood work shows a Epstein Barr virus attack but I don't know when this occured? According to my Mother, I had a "crooked spine" since birth but not followed either by my parents not having me see a doctor or they just didn't follow this in 1965. I was tested positive for Scoliosis in 1977 in gym class by a school nurse but she claimed it was mild. Instead of my parents sending me to a specialist, I saw a Chiropractor daily for about a year. I grew up normally, in fact I was quite strong and muscular. I participated in sports from 4th grade through high school. I held the record for discus throwing for about 15: years after graduation. I have two sons but both pregnancies were complex because my boys were in the 90% for weight and length. My 1st son was 10 lbs 9 ozs & 22" long. My 2nd son (15 months apart) was only 10 lbs and 19" long. I didn't know that I had ADPKD at the time which caused a lot of edema with both children. I weighed 270 lbs & 260 lbs respectfully. It wasn't until December of 2021 that muscle atrophy began & my right paraspinal muscle atrophied allowing my spine to bend ( I learned later that it twisted) 40 degrees to the right. My hips twisted also. I've lost over 30 lbs and 3" in height during this time period. I have no appetite, I am thirsty ALL the time. I regret putting off the things I wanted to do before this happened. Genetic testing was a huge waste of time. I am now working on fitting my Scoli Brace. I'm told I have too much DDD & DJD to bring my spine even close to where it should be but I can't give up. It's not in my DNA

posted June 18
A mySMAteam Member

Jaz uporabljam Aerius 1x na dan, v času cvetenja pa 2x na dan in meni pomaga

posted May 6
A mySMAteam Member

I use Zyrtec but also use it year-round.

posted April 27
A mySMAteam Member

I can only say what i do for myself ...but would recommend doctors advice before doing the same. i started to take my allergy medicine year round, and have seen a huge drop in the number of cold and viral illnesses. Personally i suspect that for me, allergies weaken my immune system so severely that what would normally be just a runny nose from a bit of pollen still floating around even off season can quickly turn into congestion and breathing issues. So, i have been taking a generic Claritin year round in the morning and a benadryl every night. The benadryl does make me super sleepy and have weird dreams...but I haven't even had a case of the sniffles for last four years. Granted, i don't get out much and people were masked up for a global pandemic during that time, and i keep up on covid and flu shots...so take that for what you will. i have tried prescription allergy medicines, but had bad reaction to many of them , so i stick with Claritin.

posted April 24

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