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How Can I Loose Weight?
A mySMAteam Member asked a question 💭

I have SMA type 3 and I feel like i’ve gain some weight and don’t know how to loose it. I heard Fasting can just make things worse.

posted October 17
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A mySMAteam Member

I went vegetarian but also have physical therapy several days a week. try keto, look at diets that let you eat, provide protein but also allows you to lose weight, be normal and follow what others do to lose weight. equal not special is good way to think

posted October 18
A mySMAteam Member

Limit your portions. No one should eat until their stuff. And do lite exercises.

posted October 21
A mySMAteam Member

To tudi mene zanima. Skoraj nič takega ne jem, da bi se lahko redila a shujšati
ne morem

posted October 20 (edited)

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