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How Do You Ask For Help From Family Or Friends?

A mySMAteam Member

posted September 19, 2022
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A mySMAteam Member

My experience is that everyone has a limit of how much help they are willing to provide...and no matter how hard you might try...your needs are likely to extend beyond that of which even family are willing to provide. There really are no good answers. Be thankful for the help you receive. Try not to be resentful when people get irritated or angry or simply refuse to help. Spread out your needs amongst as many people as you can. Try to separate needs from wants...and only request help for wants when help is willingly offered. And, if can, hire help when can afford to do so. Sadly is far less common then what i remember. Everyone is looking to be paid for any work they provide regardless of whom is in need.

posted September 20, 2022
A mySMAteam Member

I try to say, when it’s convenient could you help me please?

Also being patient and trying to spread the requests for help among the people around me!

But at the end of the day I own the fact that I need help and show my gratitude in that persons love language!

posted September 19, 2022
A mySMAteam Member

Allie is correct. Just be patient if they don't do it precisely right and try to be calming and confident that you know what you're doing and they don't have to worry. Many people will be afraid that they will hurt you.

posted September 19, 2022
A mySMAteam Member

Politely ask if they are busy and wouldn’t mind giving me a hand. I have literally never been told no.

posted September 19, 2022

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