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Have You Tried Botox To Treat Muscle Stiffness? If So, How Was Your Experience? If Not, Would You Consider It?
A mySMAteam Member asked a question 💭
posted July 4, 2022
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A mySMAteam Member

I would definitely talk to your doctor about this, as I've heard that Botox is a big NO for those of us with SMA. However, I have tried acupuncture and that did help a little bit.

posted August 18, 2022
A mySMAteam Member

I have not used it nor have I heard of it before now

posted July 31, 2022
A mySMAteam Member

Don't think it would work for sma need more research done.

posted July 4, 2022
A mySMAteam Member

Yes I have tried Botox and it works my muscle stiffness was more loose and I was able to move my wrist and ankle more. All it is an injection but helped me and can help others.

posted July 4, 2022
A mySMAteam Member

5 Neurological Conditions You Can Treat With Botox
Chronic migraines. One of the most exciting therapeutic uses for botulinum toxin is in treating chronic migraines. ...
Spinal cord injuries. ...
Spasticity. ...
Hypersalivation (sialorrhea) ...
Cervical dystonia and related conditions.

Dr. had suggested Botox as a tendon release for my ankles.
After researching it, found out I'd only get 10% improved motion, and it MIGHT last 6 months. So no I don't think I'd try it, if the results are that minimal.

posted July 4, 2022

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