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SMA Diagnosis

SMA Diagnosis

So after the neurologist gave me the SMA diagnosis in Jan, my mom remembered that we were sent to a genetic specialist when I was 4(1984); and SMA wasnt discussed at all.
Just curious if that is a common occurrence, or was SMA just not as well know in 1984?

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posted 24 days ago
A mySMAteam Member said:

Im not surprised, Historically SMA was hard to diagnose. I got diagnosed in 1983 at 20 years old. Every doctor I went to prior to that, either said there was nothing wrong with me or that they couldn’t find anything.

edited, originally posted 25 days ago
A mySMAteam Member said:

Very common! My brother was diagnosed with Duchene and they told my mom that I had werdnig Hoffmann. I am 57 and just got diagnosed with SMA 3only 3 years ago. And turns out my brother didn't have Duchene. That was in 1972.

posted 25 days ago
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